About Us

We are a small business local to Naperville IL doing quality appliance repair work.  We’ve been in this business for many years and we’ve built it on honesty, hard work, commitment and relationships, yet not everything has been easy.  We’ve seen some dark times and some glamorous times, we’ve seen market shifts that have hurt us and those that have helped us, but what we can honestly say is that we’ve never compromised our integrity, nor our promise to deliver quality service at a fair price.  

We are a company that enjoys the work that we do and we enjoy helping out our customers. Our goal is to be in business for many more years doing what we truly enjoy.  If you need any help with repair work for any appliance in your home then feel free to reach out to us for help. We provide quotes over the phone and often times we can get out to you the same day.  If we don’t know how to repair something (unusual) we’ll be upfront and let you know it.

We certainly hope that if you’re in need of some appliance repair in Naperville, IL that we get the opportunity to service you!

Who We Are

Just an honest and trustworthy local appliance repair business

Our Mission

To be the first company that comes to mind when any type of major home appliance repair is needed

What We Do

We bring appliances back to life, we service all major brands

Our History

From a small one man shop who only serviced small appliances, the owner realized that the same mechanics that drive small appliances are similar to large appliances.  Within just a few short years the owner opened up a physical location and hired a front office person. We are a small business that enjoys giving back to our community and we do our absolute best to provide excellent service. We want to continue growing and we realize that the only way to do that is by providing exceptional service.  Thank you for your continued business!

Why choose us?

  • Same Day Service

    We know you want your appliances back up and running right away so we'll do our very best to accommodate a same-day service call or another day of your choosing.

  • Workmanship Guarantee

    We use quality parts from reputable sources and we always guarantee our work on any appliance we service.  If a part malfunctions within its warranty we will come out and replace it at no additional charge to you.

  • We Service All Major Manufacturers

    We aren't a specialist for just one brand, we are a specialist for nearly all major brand names. We carry the parts that are needed for your appliance to work as if it were brand new. 

Would you like to get a quote from us?

Getting a quote from us is easy, just give us a call and let us know which appliance we can help you with. Often times we can give you an estimate right over the phone.