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The Amana Corporation has been founded in 1934. The company first started to enter the air conditioner industry but in the present time, it has grown to be one of the big brand names that produce a wide variety of appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ranges, and dishwashers.

Amana takes pride in their way of innovation and affordability. Many homes in the United States would have at least one appliance they use that were from Amana because it is such a reliable brand.

However, despite how much it is loved by people due to its low cost and great performance, it is normal for an appliance to eventually break and need repair. You will need a dependable repairman to fix your appliance so that you can use it again without needing to spend lots of money to buy a new one.

This is where we can be of service to you.

We are a crew of repairmen who are trained technicians for Amana products. Together, we had our fair share of repairing Amana appliances and returning them to their owners with them working like new again.

Why do appliances need repair?

Home appliances are such a big help in modern homes. We use them to store and cook food, to make us warm or cold no matter what the weather is like outside, to wash our clothes, and a lot more. Because we use them so often, they will eventually need some maintenance and/or repair work in order to do their job well. Like people, these appliances get tired and exhausted due to overworking and time going by.  

What appliances get broken the most?

Interestingly, appliances have their own life span as well, and some of these appliances can get broken more than the others.

According to those who usually do repair service, the following appliances and parts get broken the most:



Refrigerators can commonly last between 6 years for the cheaper ones to 13 years for the more expensive ones. The part of this home appliance that gets broken the most is its door seals due to the constant opening and closing motion that puts stress in the refrigerator’s gaskets.








Washing Machines and Dryers

Washing machines can commonly last between 5 years for the cheaper ones to 11 years for the more expensive ones while dryers last between 5 to 10 years. The part of this home appliance that gets broken the most is its motor possibly due to overuse that it will soon overheat.


Just like a washing machine, dishwashers can commonly last between 5 years for the cheaper ones to 11 years for the more expensive ones. The part of this home appliance that gets broken the most is its drain hose that can get clogged with dirt, debris, and dirty water.

When should you get your Amana appliances fixed?

Generally, you should get your Amana home appliances fixed when it can no longer do the functions it needs to do properly. If your refrigerator is not cooling enough that can get the food inside spoiled, the washing machine is not cleaning the clothes, the dryer is not spinning, or the microwave does not heat your meals, it’s time to get these machines fixed.

Services we offer

Here in Amana Appliance Repair Service, we will have our expert repairman identify the problem your appliance has, tell you our diagnosis, and get the job done properly with the best materials available.

Our Appliance Repair Service can fix your

  • Refrigerator,
  • Washing machine,
  • Microwave,
  • Freezer,
  • Range, Oven, and Stove,
  • Ice maker, and other Amana appliances.

We have been doing the repairs above all around Naperville, Illinois, and we take great pride in serving our valuable customers by helping them save money, stay safe, and avoid possible accidents that can result from using defective appliances.

Why you should choose our Appliance Repair Service:


We do not remove your warranty provided by Amana

 We always make sure not to break your warranty, especially if your appliance is still relatively new.

We use the best tools and equipment

 Our licensed experts use the tools exactly as what they are meant to do to avoid breaking the parts more and are is equipped with the best range of tools that are needed.

We are budget-friendly

 Hiring your trusted professionals to do the repair works on your home appliances will always give you the best value for the cost.

We provide the best service

  You can see what our happy customers say in their reviews. Amana Appliance Repair Service has been and will consistently provide reliable help.

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