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Woodridge Appliance Repair Services

Do not know any appliance repair service in Woodridge you can trust? 

If you have a malfunctioning appliance that needs inspection and repair, call us and your machine will get the treatment that it needs.

How to choose the right repair service company

1. The repair service company must be licensed and insured

Our technicians have the license that is required for them to professionally fix your appliance and have received the necessary training.

2. The technicians must be experienced

Our workers have experience in repairing most models and makes of various appliances.

3. The technicians must not remove your warranty

Our repair service is partnered with the most used appliance brands and is allowed to legally repair their machines. When you have your machines fixed by our team, you will not void your warranty. 

4. The company must have nice reviews

We are truly grateful for the honest reviews that our satisfied clients have left on our page. This will continue to inspire us to always do great work.

5. The company must be transparent with its rates

We understand that most people usually do not expect their machines to break and will most likely do not have a fund saved for appliance repairs. If you are not sure your budget is enough for a repair service, give us a ring and we will do a quoted price.

Who We Are

We are a crew of licensed technicians who have been repairing the valued appliances of the residents of Woodridge, Illinois.

Services We Offer

We do:

Refrigerator Repairs

Freezer Repairs

Washing Machine Repairs

Dryer Repairs

Stove Repairs

Microwave Repairs

Oven Repairs

Dishwasher Repairs






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Woodridge, DuPage County Illinois

Woodridge, a village that is located in DuPage County, Illinois, has rightfully earned the rank of 61st on the 100 Best Places to Live by the Money magazine. If you are a resident who wants to explore the beautiful places, shops, and restaurants around you, you will be surprised at how much more Woodridge has to offer. 

Woodridge’s History and Location

Woodridge was founded by a housing developer named Albert Kaufman, and the creation of the village was attributed to him. The place was incorporated in the late 1950s and is a humble community of churches, stores, and homes. 

In the present time, the residents in the area are racially diverse. The people living in Woodridge are mainly of Caucasian descent which is 9% of the total population and also has other races such as Asian, Hispanics, and Latinos living in the village.

Woodridge has been consecutively named a “Tree City” for 16 years and is the proud home to thousands of trees which adds to the charm and fresh air of the community.


Woodridge is a neighborhood that rests on the southwest side of Illinois.

Woodridge’s boundaries are up to the west of Naperville, northeast of Downers Grove, southwest of Bolingbrook, northwest of Lisle, and east of Darien.

Landmarks and Fun Places to be in and near Woodridge






If you are looking for places to visit, Woodridge will not run of establishments to have fun in any weather.

1. Lost Mountain Adventure Golf

Looking forward to playing in a fun course with other facilities? Visit the Lost Mountain Adventure Golf and try the mini-golf course which is the favorite of locals and visitors in the area.


2. Seven Bridges Ice Arena

If you are looking to having fun in the ice skating rink with your family and friends, head on to the Seven Bridges Ice Arena and you are in for quite a ride. If you and your kids do not know how to skate and want to learn, Seven Bridges also has training programs you can register on for a very reasonable price. One of the programs that are offered is a Hockey Class that is available for all ages. Who would pass up the chance to learn, bond, and have fun at the same time? There are also special events in their calendar and you can see figure skaters gracing the area. 

3. Hollywood Blvd. A Cinema, Bar, & Eatery

Looking for a place where you can let your inner film buff self out? The Hollywood Blvd. A Cinema, Bar, & Eatery is the perfect haven for people wanting to watch a nice show, drink tasty cocktails, and eat yummy meals. If you are scrounging Woodridge for the best performers you can patronize at a reasonable price, Hollywood Boulevard is the theatre for you.

4. Papa’s Pizza Place

Also called the best pizza place in the suburbs, Papa’s Pizza Place is where great pizza is. If you are not in the mood for a cheesy slice, there are a lot of tasty dishes and appetizers available on the menu. When you visit Papa’s Pizza Place, be sure to be patient, as there are a lot of customers in the restaurant. It isn’t the best pizza place for nothing.  

Woodridge’s Population and Demographics

According to the census gathered by the American Community Survey last 2018, Woodridge has a total population of 33,493. 16,540 of those numbers are male residents while 16,953 are female, with the median age of 37 years old.


The area is mostly comprised of white-collar workers who are almost 85% of the population, and the remaining percentage are blue-collared workers. Out of the employees, 73% are working for private companies, 8% are in non-profit companies, 9% are self-employed, 10% are government workers. This data is influenced probably due to the fact that there are a lot of business shops and stores in the area which is where many people work to earn a living.

Education and Income

As for education, 17% of the population living in Woodridge has earned their Bachelor’s Degree, 21% reached High School education, and almost 22% has been to College.

The average income earned for households is around $102,000 every year which is what is mostly earned by residents over 45 years of age up to the middle of their 60s.

Marital Status

There is a huge population of residents who were married taking up more than half of the residents, while locals who were never married are 33%, divorced are 4%, widowed are 4%, and separated are 1% of the total population in Woodridge.

Transportation and Housing

Transportation is very convenient in Woodridge, which is what locals and tourists love about it. Many people can cycle or walk around to do some shopping. To go to father places, the main transportation for most people is by car, next is by railroad. The rest prefer to travel using the taxicab or bus instead.

There are 13,802 housing units in Woodridge at the time of the census, and almost 8,000 of those homes were built in the year 1979 or earlier, and at least 1500 were built between 2000 to the later years. A huge portion of the home units that are rented, which is 66% of the total residential areas, while the remaining 34% are what is occupied by the owners themselves.