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We repair everything from fridges to dishwashers, microwaves, stoves, washing machines, dryers and so much more!

My Reliable Appliance Repair Service

At Reliable Appliance Repair of Naperville we strongly value your appliances, we know how they make your life easier and how they save time for you and your family so you can do other things that you really enjoy.  We also know that appliances aren’t always designed to last more than a few years, sadly, consumers would rather pay far less for a throw away product than invest more money into something that would last them decades (potentially).  Because products just don’t last like they used to, we believe that repairing your appliances just makes financial sense.

same day appliance repair naperville

Same day service or within 24 hours

When something in your house doesn’t work, you need it repair fast.  We understand that better than anyone. When your refrigerator stops working you cannot wait until the food spoils, you can’t wait until the dishes pile up because the dishwasher stopped working either.  Since appliance repair has urgency to it, we offer appliance repair in Naperville and the surrounding suburbs in as little as 24 hours, often times we can accommodate same day service at no extra charge. Many of our visits can be done in as little as a couple of hours and, in rare circumstances, we’ll come back the next day to continue service without charging another service fee.  

We are available Monday thru Friday from 7am to 8pm to take your calls and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm as well.  We know you have many other local appliance repair companies to choose from so we always do our best to accommodate our clients.  We are honest, transparent about our prices, always courteous and extremely reliable. With us, you won’t wait around for hours only to get a call saying we couldn’t make it.  That’s not the way we run our business and we don’t like when that happens to us!

Kitchen Appliances

This is the one item in your entire house that runs 24/7 365 days a year, and you need to keep it that way.  Having a refrigerator that malfunctions can be extremely costly from a repair standpoint, but also from a restocking standpoint.  The average fridge for a family of four is stocked with $247.03 worth of food, so noticing a faulty fridge from the very beginning is the key to saving a well-stocked fridge.  

stainless steel refrigerator in naperville needs repair

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Which Appliance Do You Need Fixed?

We can fix any appliance in any condition, we carry all the necessary parts for nearly all manufacturers

  • refrigerator repair naperville

    Fridge Repair

    Fridge too hot?  Fridge too cold?  Fridge with frost?  We can fix all those issues.

  • stove repair naperville

    Stove Repair

    Whether you have a gas stove or electric stove, we have the parts, tools and most of all the experience to get your stove working again.

  • dishwasher repair naperville

    Dishwasher Repair

    If your dishwasher is operating but very noisy, or if you have a faulty pump or spray arm, we know how to make it right.

  • washing machine repair

    Washing Machine Repair

    Washing machines are a constant source of problems but we source parts for nearly any manufacturer to fix your appliances.

  • dryer repair naperville

    Dryer Repair

    Dryers are relatively simple machines but knowing how to fix them can be time consuming. Call us for the quick fix.

  • microwave repair

    Mircrowave Repair

    If your microwave isn't working and you don't know where to start, let us help.  We have years of experience.

Gas & Electric Stove Repair

Gas and electric stoves are mechanically designed to be very simple and straightforward, but when things go wrong, it could be very puzzling to fix on your own.  If your gas stove is constantly “clicking” but you don’t see a flame, or the flame is very weak, you could have a pilot issue and/or potentially have clogged burner flame openings due to grease and other foods.  If this is the case, then it’s a relatively easy fix, but if not, it could also be due to too little gas or air reaching the burner. We’d have to diagnose a bit more to find the root of the issue.

gas stove repair eola

Electric stoves function in a very similar capacity, but also resemble electric heaters.  If your stove top burners aren’t heating at all, or aren’t reaching the same temperatures they once used to, it could be due to a bad burner, a bad connection with the burner socket, or a faulty switch.  Either way, we are properly trained in both gas and electric stove repairs and can make it a priority to come out to your home within 24 hours, in many cases same day. Call today!

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Want to get an estimate on what it would cost to get your appliance repaired?  No problem. Click the link to the right and let us know about your problem. Don't worry, we're nice people.

washing machine and dryer in naperville

Laundry Room

Washing machine repair

Now a days washing machines are just as hi-tech as your car is, but there are still some common problems we see day in and day out.  Don’t let your dirty clothes pile up until it’s too late, we can also repair your washing machine for some of the most common problems such as improper drainage, loads not spinning or agitating properly, leaking washing machine, washer shaking and moving too much, bad smells, or cycles not finishing all the way.  We also have people ask why their clothes have a residue that remains after the cycle has finished. We have experience with all these common issues and can pinpoint the problem and fix them right away. Call us right away for repair work on your washing machine.

Dryer repair

Having a faulty dryer can almost be as bad as having a washing machine that just doesn’t work.  Although you could let your clothes air dry, it takes a really long time and sometimes you’ re just in a hurry.  Not to mention that your clothes will still likely come out wrinkled so you’ll have to iron it and it never ends up feeling as soft and comfy as clothes that come right out of the dryer.  If you’re in need of dryer repair there are a few things that you might be experiencing. Maybe your dryer makes strange noises or vibrates excessively, it may possibly run but the temperature never really heats up, or may never even run at all.  Problems with a dryer seem to be abundant, but we see these issues on a daily basis and know how to fix them. If you’re looking to get your dryer repaired in Naperville or the surrounding suburbs then give us a call. We carry all the necessary parts and can get the job quickly so you can be back on your way taking care of your home.

Why choose us?

We know you have many appliance repair companies to choose from, but our philosophy has always been honesty, transparency and quality work.  We believe that a solid business will last for many years by simply putting the customer’s best interests first, and that’s what we’ve done for many years and will continue to do in the future.

Licensed & Insured

Reputable companies will take proper precautions when running their business, you can simply ask if they are licensed and insured to give you an idea of the quality work they do.

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Want a quote from us?

Want to get an estimate on what it would cost to get your appliance repaired?  No problem. Click the link to the right and let us know about your problem. Don't worry, we're nice people.