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Freezers are a vital part of our kitchens and yet we often forget how important they are until they stop working or malfunction in some way.  Freezers not only preserve food for long periods of time, but they nearly stop the spread of bacteria, they allow us to save more expensive foods for when the time is right, gives us the ability to eat foods that are out of season and freezers are generally very inexpensive to run.

That being said, a freezer will usually carry well over $200 worth of food at any given point in time so if your freezer malfunctions then it can be a burden to restock the freezer with new food after you pay a freezer repairman to fix it.  Depending on the scope of the repair, you could be several hundred dollars into the repair costs when it could have been avoidable.

Our company has been doing freezer repair in Naperville for many years and we know freezers inside and out.  Once you understand how a freezer works then the rest is easy, we’d be happy to provide a repair estimate and we do our very best to provide same day service.

We get calls every day about freezer issues, here are a few of the problems we see on a daily basis:

  1. Frost inside the freezer - when you experience frost inside the freezer it’s because warm air has been allowed to enter your freezer compartment.  It’s absolutely normal for you to see some frost in your freezer but excess frost will ultimately cause damage.

    Luckily, the most common cause of frost is either damage to your freezer door or to the gasket that surrounds it.  Both of these are relatively minor fixes and can be done quickly.

    However, you can also experience excess frost from a defrost sensor that turned faulty, the heating element itself, or the defrost timer.  If you’ve determined that the frost is not coming from the door or the gasket then give us a call for freezer repair and we’ll do our very best to get out there the same day.

  2. The freezer is much too noisy - just like any other appliance in your home, the freezer also runs through operating cycles.  In today’s freezers, these operating cycles are next to silent and are pretty much undetected throughout the day, but if you start to notice that it’s much louder than normal then it’s likely an issue with the freezers internal components.

    Typically we see that a noisy freezer is a result of excessive frost build up on the evaporator.  The frost can gather around the rotating fan and cause it to severely slow down, but has also been known to impact the defrost heater, timer and sensor, all of which can cause noises that shouldn’t be heard.  These problems are usually hard for a homeowner to diagnose so you should contact your local freezer repairman in Naperville for help.

  3. Freezer too warm - a warm freezer is obviously problematic and needs to be addressed right away.  If your food cannot be preserved and ultimately ends up spoiling then it could be several hundreds of dollars worth of food that goes to waste.

    A warm freezer can be challenging to diagnose because it could be the result of 1 or more parts that are faulty.  When we get calls for a freezer that is operating at warmer temperatures we always check the following components: the thermostat which is what regulates the temperature, the temperature sensor which senses what the actual temperature in the freezer is, or the sealed refrigerant system which is more challenging to test but should be done by an appliance repair specialist.

  4. Sheet of ice at the bottom of the freezer - as we’ve previously stated, some moisture and frost is completely normal in a freezer but a thick sheet of ice certainly isn’t within that scope.  If you’re seeing a sheet of ice then it’s usually a result of a clogged defrost drain tube. This can usually be resolved by gently pouring warm water down the defrost tube which should clear up any build-up that is trapped and should now allow any water to pass through properly.  If this doesn’t fix the issue then call up an expert to inspect your freezer for other problems.

  5. Freezer isn’t running - a freezer that isn’t running at all is problematic.  Always start by checking that the most obvious potential causes have been addressed.  Is your unit plugged into the wall? Maybe it was moved but never plugged back in. If you’ve confirmed that it is plugged in properly, are you getting current to your outlet.  A simple way to check is by plugging in another appliance to see if it works. If not then you’re not getting a current to the outlet - check your breaker panel to see if it has been tripped which could resolve the issue.

    If you’ve confirmed that the freezer was plugged in and that current is getting to the outlet then it could be a number of internal components that have stopped working.  Issues such as the electronic control board, thermostat, defrost timer, or compressor could be faulty. If you aren’t familiar with these units then it would be easier to call up a local appliance repair company to help you diagnose what is wrong.

For any issues you could be experiencing with your freezer, we encourage you to give us a call.  We service the Naperville area and surrounding cities and we do our best to work around your schedule.  We’re quick, knowledgeable, do great work, and our rates are very competitively priced.  

Call us today for any of your appliance repair needs!