How Do I Stop My Refrigerator From Making Noise?

A refrigerator that has become too noisy is downright irritating and annoying.  When your fridge has aged and has reached the point when it makes more noise and rattle than it does cool your food, then you need to implement a few fixes that will help you get your sanity back.  In this article we'll discuss a few tricks you can try to dampen the noise and get some needed rest.

Get Some Acoustic Sound Boarding Foam

This is a silly little trick but it works!  The best for this tip is to get some foam egg crates.  You've seen them before.  Simply attach it to the back of your fridge and press it up agains the wall.  The next time your fridge makes a noise, you'll barely hear anything.  In fact, the foam will absorb and muffle anywhere between 50-90% of the noise being emitted by the fridge.