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Garbage Disposal Repair Service in Naperville

Garbage disposals are one of those items in the kitchen that gets used on a daily basis and yet you never think twice about what you would do without it.  It’s such a versatile tool that easily gets rid of all the leftover items that could go into a garbage, but is much easier to go down the drain. Having a disposal available, but that doesn’t work can be extremely frustrating.  If you’re looking for someone to repair your garbage disposal in Naperville then you’ve landed on just the right website.

Our repairman is extremely skilled and familiar with how a disposal operates, we guarantee that it will be fixed properly and we’re skilled in garbage disposal repair of all manufacturers.  Most of all, we do our very best to arrive when your schedule allows, not when it’s best for us. Count on us if you’re looking for someone in Naperville to fix your disposal.

The following are a few reasons you might need someone to fix your garbage disposal:

  1. Unit won’t turn on - garbage disposals do eventually burn out but before you jump to conclusions you should definitely check to make sure electricity is still running to your unit.  To do this, check your breaker box to make sure the fuse to your disposal hasn’t been tripped. If it has, return the power to the unit but if it hasn’t then you should probably call your local repairman to investigate the issue.

2. Disposal is jammed - it is incredibly important to always remember to cut any and all electricity to your garbage disposal before putting your hands into the unit.  Make sure the circuit breaker cuts electricity and that the unit is unplugged. The first step is to press the reset button which is located at the very bottom of the disposal unit.  Simply crawl under the unit and push in the red button until you feel it “click”. This alone may take care of the jam. 

If that doesn’t work then you can try rotating the blades with a hex wrench which may manually unclog the blades.  Most units take a ¼” hex wrench so if you cannot locate the one that came with your unit then you can simply pick one up at a local hardware store.

Lastly, you can manually clear the drain by unassembling the unit and removing the blockage with your hands.  Again, you should always cut any running electricity to the unit before sticking your hands into your garbage disposal.

3. You hear grinding noises - the good news is that nearly every time you hear grinding noise in your disposer it’s because a foreign object has been trapped in the grinding mechanism and is not allowing the disposer to function properly.  The bad news is that you may now have a severely malformed utensil that will need to be thrown away.

To clear any blockages, make sure to cut the electricity to the unit, grab a flashlight and shine it around the perimeter of the unit.  Look to see if there is evidence of any loose items that may be floating in there. Most often it will be silverware that was accidentally lost in there.  If you see something in there that shouldn’t be there then it’s easiest to grab a flathead screwdriver and maneuver it out of the disposal. It may help to use a unit with a magnetic end to it.  If you think you’ve extracted everything from the unit then turn the power back and run pour running water down the drain. If everything sounds good then it may have been fixed, but if not then repeat the process until all external pieces have been removed.

If you believe to have removed everything but the grinding noise is still present then the unit may have been severely damaged to the point where replacement is necessary.  If unsure, call a repairman to fix your disposer.

4. A slow drain - this could mean that there is a slight blockage somewhere along the line and the slightest amount of pressure could release the clog.  The easiest way to do this is to fill the sink up with water ¼ of the way to the top. Once it fills up then grab a plunger and forcefully push it down and pull it up, similar to the way you would plunge a toilet.  This should relieve the pressure in the sink and allow water to freely drain. If this doesn’t resolve the issue then you’ll want to call up a local expert to fix your food disposal unit.

We get calls all the time about garbage disposal units needing to be fixed.  We are experts in repairing your units and can repair units from all manufacturers.  Give us a call today to schedule a visit, we do our very best to work around your schedule and can even provide same day service if available.  We happily service Naperville and the surrounding cities.