Why does my gas oven
make a blowtorch sound when it is on?

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Gas ovens are one of the most popular kitchen appliances. Many people prefer to cook with a gas cooker because it is fast and it cooks your food extremely evenly. Gas ovens are known to make very low sounds, but sometimes they may start making noise that may not sound normal, you should know something is wrong. A gas oven can make different sounds from a roaring noise, boom noise, puffing sound, whooshing sound, high pitched noise, and a blowtorch sound. Some of these sounds are not normal, and they are caused by the malfunctioning of one or two parts of the oven, you need to find out why your gas oven is making such sounds. 

What are abnormal sounds from my gas oven and how do I fix them? 

The gas oven is normally quiet while it is on, hearing a noise coming from your gas oven while it is working means there's a problem somewhere that needs to be fixed. 

Some possible sounds that are not normal includes; 

  • Roaring noise
  • Blowtorch sounds
  • Popping sounds 
  • Clicking Noise
  • Puffing sounds
  • Whooshing sound
  • Boom Noise

Roaring Noise

Your gas oven could be making a roaring noise for several reasons including;

Over gassed oven - If the orifice which supplies gas to the oven is open too wide, there would be a high volume of gas supply, or the gas oven regulator or the meter regulator is producing too much pressure, you may likely hear a roaring sound when your gas oven is on. 

How to fix it - You need to contact your gas company to help you with information on what to do and how to do it, you could do it yourself if you know gas control. 


Burner's venturi tube; If the burner's venturi tube has a secondary air supply your appliance may start making a roaring sound

How to fix it; You can fix this problem by controlling the air shutter adjustment, close it slightly to reduce the air intake but don't close it too much to avoid the flame coming out with yellow tips. 


Improper assembling of some parts - If you make a repair to your gas oven or simply cleaned your oven, turning and moving it, you may not have reassembled the parts correctly, it could cause a roaring noise when you turn it off. This incorrect realigning may also cause incomplete combustion which is often accompanied by the smell of carbon monoxide fumes or unburned gas. If after checking, you are sure that the parts are well assembled, then the sound could be caused by the clogging of your gas passages like the venturi tubes, orifice, etc with some foreign materials and debris. 

Blowtorch Sounds

Your gas oven is making a blowtorch sound, it is not normal and you need to investigate the cause and fix it. Your gas oven may be making a blowtorch sound if the igniter is damaged. In such a case, you need to change the igniter to a new one.

The blowtorch sound your oven is making could also be because the flame supervision device (FSD) is not opening in the right way thus starving the gas burner. A delay in the ignition or an inappropriately arranged igniter may cause blowtorch sounds. 

Another possible reason for your gas oven to be making a blowtorch sound could be that the gas regulator, which controls the flow of gas to the burners is set too high.

How to fix it; 

If you keep hearing a blowtorch sound coming from your gas oven, you can check for the reason for yourself or get a technician to check, then replace the valve of the regulator which is malfunctioning.

Popping Sounds

If you hear popping sounds from your oven while heating, you should take it seriously because it could lead to a gas explosion. Reasons for your appliance making a popping sound includes; 

-Your oven burner cap is not properly aligned

- If you finish cleaning your burner following a spill, it can cause a popping sound. You can fix it by lifting the burner top and wipe it dry including every other wet part of your gas oven. 

- If your burner ring, burner, or orifice is blocked by dirt or other reasons

- Old or damaged ignition wire or igniter, can cause popping sounds, you need to replace it with a new one. Also, check for debris or food around the igniter it may be the cause. 

- A leak in the connection of gas to the burner, watch out for a flame

- A damaged gasket 

- Cracks in the gas burner cap or burner ring 

- Debris, air, in the gas supply can lead to contamination and give off popping sounds

Puffing Sounds

Your gas oven may be making a puffing sound because too much gas is coming out of the bake burner before ignition. You'd mostly hear a puffing sound from the ignition of the bake burner which is under the oven floor. A faulty gas valve, wrong air mixture, and a weak bake igniter may cause this. 

How to fix it; 

You can fix this problem if you adjust the air shutter correctly, if after this, you continue to hear the puffing sound you may need to call a technician to investigate the cause and provide solutions for you. 

Whooshing Sounds

A whooshing sound coming from your gas oven means the glow bar is not hot enough to ignite before gas release. The gas will continue to build up while waiting for the glow bar to get hot enough, the built-up gas then explodes once it gets hot enough for ignition, the explosion is what causes this whooshing sound. 

How to fix it; You need to replace the gas oven's glow bar ignitor. 

Boom Noise

While preheating your gas, you might hear a booming noise, which means your gas oven is experiencing a delayed gas ignition. 

The right process is that the igniter would light little gas to start ignition. If this doesn't happen, the gas would build up and cause an unexpected small boom. 

How to fix it; 

Delayed ignition could be as a result of a dirty oven, dirt build-up on the ignition over time.  

Clicking Noise

Usually, a clicking noise from your gas oven may not lead to any serious harm, burner caps positioning is often the cause.  

How to fix it; After cooling, remove the burner grate, the cap, and realign it to the burner base. 

You should note that, If your gas is making sounds and you can smell gas or you are suspecting that there may be a gas leak, you should shut off the gas supply, quickly come out of the house, and call your utility provider.