Why Is My Refrigerator Ticking like a Clock? We Explain Possible Causes.

The last thing that a homeowner wants to do is have to remove and replace their heavy refrigerator. Repair costs also can come at a hefty price and will charge for both parts and installation. Many perturbed homeowners report hearing sounds like a ticking clock or even a time bomb coming from their fridges. These noises can be annoying and may prevent sleep in some cases. Potential solutions are often simple enough, so do not let minor malfunctions take away your control over your home, If your refrigerator sounds like a ticking time bomb, the cause of the noise can be one a variety of things. In order to arrive at a solution, take careful note of what your refrigerator is doing. Is it cooling food properly? Is it cooling at all? How often does the ticking sound occur? Below is a list of possible causes to your refrigerator’s annoying ticking sounds.

Dirty Condenser

If your refrigerator is not cooling sufficiently and ticks like clock every five or so minutes, a dirty condenser coil in your system is likely the culprit. Years of dirt accumulation can cause the condenser coil to overload and constantly attempt to reset itself. This is why a somewhat regular cleaning schedule is necessary to keep your refrigerator in working condition.

Cleaning your condenser coils is a simple procedure. They are located in the back of the appliance across the bottom, so you will need to unplug and move it away from the wall to access it. For a thorough cleaning, we recommend using a specially designed brush sold in many plumbing stores for $5 to $8. Remember that cleaning your coils annually is the best way to ensure that your refrigerator functions properly for as long as possible.

Bad Start Relay

Another reason your hearing a ticking or clicking sound emanating from your refrigerator can be because of a bad start relay. If your food is frequently spoiling and you cannot feel any cold air inside your refrigerator, the issue may be caused by your compressor not turning on due to a faulty start relay. The relay is located in a small compartment along with the compressor, which is near the condenser coil.

The only solution to a bad start relay is replacement. First, however; you must ascertain whether or not the start relay is indeed the problem. To do this, unplug your machine and locate the start relay on the side of the compressor. Disconnect it and gently shake it. If you hear a rattling sound you can be sure that it needs replacement which will likely solve the problem of ticking in your refrigerator.

Bad Defrost Timer

Another reason why your fridge may be ticking is a bad defrost timer. The defrost timer can be located in different parts of your fridge depending on the model. It will almost always feature four metallic terminals on the bottom. Once located, you will have to unscrew it and gently pull it out from the appliance. To test if it is the problem, connect it to a multimeter and test for continuity.