Washer And Dryer Repair Service




Washing Machine and Dryer Repair in Naperville IL

Imagine going back to the days of having to wash and dry clothes by hand.  Well maybe that’s a bit extreme but for almost all of us, having had the conveniences of a washing machine means never going back to not having one.  But those comforts do come at a cost, washing and dryer machines don’t last forever, now-a-days they are built with computer panels that can go bad and need replacing.  Take the computer panel out of the equation and the machines are actually very simply designed.

When it comes to your washing machine, the most common problems we come across are poor water drainage, the agitator not working properly and a leaky machine during a normal cycle.  Occasionally we see that the washing machine shakes excessively or that cycles don’t finish all the way, but these aren’t as common. After seeing these issues on a daily basis, we are confident that we have the expertise to properly diagnose the issue and then remedy it, whether through installation of a new part or repairing existing parts.  If you’re in need of a washing machine repairman in Naperville then we’re glad you’ve reached us. Call us today!

Dryers also share a computer system that can go wrong, but if that’s the case then the circuit board can get swapped out and the dryer should function once again like normal.  But that isn’t the most common problem we see, most people call because their dryer simply doesn’t heat up high enough to dry their clothes. If you put clothes in the dryer for two or three cycles then the clothes will eventually dry, but there’s no need.  Your dryer acts like heated coils that are used to give off heat to dry clothes. If you’re dryer isn’t heating up at all, or mildly, you are probably in need of a new heating system. We can properly diagnose the root of your problems with your dryer after only a few minutes and fixing your machine is just as straight forward.  Give us a call today to schedule your dryer repair in Naperville!