Why is My Fridge Leaking Water Onto the Floor?

Refrigerator leaks are a common problem that many people deal with over their lifetime. It’s one of the most common types of fridge complaints repair companies handle these days. Which, is certainly the good news. Most refrigerator leaks are caused by simple, easily repairable issues that a professional can take care of in no time.

If you notice a puddle of water on the floor, it causes panic, as it should. The fridge shouldn't leak out any water, after all. Leaks signal a problem that needs immediate attention. Ignore the problem and it's only going to get worse and may also cause other issues that you do not want to experience. Your appliance’s performance is at stake, but so is all the food inside the unit that can quickly spoil inside of an improperly-working refrigerator.

What causes that frustrating refrigerator leak? Numerous issues may be the culprit of the leak, yet another reason why it’s important that a professional repairman is around to service the appliance. A professional can inspect the unit to determine the cause of the leak and then make a fast repair.

Most common causes of leaking fridges include:

- Defrost Drain Blockage: A blocked defrost drain is a common cause of water leaks. It’s also one of the first areas to begin troubleshooting. Ice, food particles, and other items can easily block the small drain opening, causing water leaks as it builds into the pan without going through the defrost cycle. Use a sharp object to remove the blockage.
- Ice Maker: A loose water line connection to the ice maker may wear out as they age, which leads to cracks and damaged seals that cause leaks around the refrigerator. Hoses can also wear out. It’s a good idea to check the water line connected to the ice maker if your refrigerator starts leaking.
- Drain Pan: The drain pan at the bottom of the refrigerator can develop cracks that allow water to leak through. A small amount of water is normal to see in the drain pan, but it shouldn't escape onto the floor. Look for cracks or other signs of damage in the drain pan and replace it if there is damage.
- Water Filter: Poor connection between the water supply and the water filter can also erupt in a leak. This pertains only to refrigerators that use a filtration system. This may be the result of old housing, cracked seals, or other such issues. If you see water dripping down the side of the filter, it’s time to call a plumbing expert.

Last Word

Why is my fridge leaking water onto the floor? The reasons above likely cause the refrigerator trouble. A leaky refrigerator is a common problem that occurs with all brands and models of this appliance. Although several issues may cause the mishap, it’s oftentimes an easy repair if you respond quickly to the issue.